Remote Work Policies

Creating a Remote Work Policy can be difficult however it just needs to be well thought out. Make sure the business has the infrastructure to do so. Technology plays a critical role in one’s success to work remotely. In most businesses, data and system security will need to be addressed and should be outlined in the policy. During the Coronavirus pandemic we saw companies quickly adapt to allow some employees to work from home temporarily.

Remote Workforce

Is this the new Normal? Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many employees are working on rotating schedules or working from home. The question is, will this continue? While I am not sure the workforce is there yet, however it is increasing and overtime, yes, I believe a remote workforce could be the new normal.

Generational Differences

Know your people and how they tick. How we work with, manage, and communicate in today’s virtual world is important. Understanding the generational differences - what motivates, how to keep them engaged, performing, and simply how to communicate with your team can go a long way.

Understanding Terminations

Understanding Layoffs, Business Closures, Shutdowns, Separation Agreements in accordance with state laws. Please keep in mind the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act as well as the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act. It is important to understand how to process a layoff, reduction in force, or closure the appropriate way.

Interviewing Tips

Do not leave yourself open to a discrimination claim. There are certain questions that should NOT be asked during the interview process.